Turning The Lights Back On

Hi all,

Heard “Lights” yet?  If not, definitely check it out, and get ready to hear an incredibly bold move from one of the most cohesive indie-rock bands out there.  What is apparent listening to this song is the band’s unshakable confidence in their own style.  Anyone who’s heard “Specialist” can’t deny that Interpol, starting down such a complex, original path, have hit their stride with “Lights.”  What other band is willing to spend 35 seconds (a significant amount of time, considering the average “rock” song is 4-5 minutes) on such a sparse and naked guitar melody?

I have a lot more to say on this excellent song, but I want to finish my transcription of it first!

Click here to download the Lights mp3 from the official site

Also, look for some thoughts on “The Scale” in the near future 🙂


~ by megwilhoite on May 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “Turning The Lights Back On”

  1. “Lights” is growing on me, but I loved “Barricade” instantly. The live recordings of “Success” and “Summer Well” floating around are okay, but I think the studio recordings of those songs will be very strong. It’s great to have Interpol back! And I’m hearing good things about the new bassist.

  2. Your blog is fascinating. I am glad to have found out that alongside great music, there is a scientific reason why Interpol imposes itself on listeners musically. Thank you for spending time on this topic to better educate those of us who know very little in the way of music’s technicalities.

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