Video clips from Bowery show + review

Some clips from the show; I couldn’t get a clip of every song, but I got most of them!

Here’s what I wrote on the subway ride home:


“It was. Amazing. The energy of the band was exalting, they just seemed to be having such a good time. And the crowd was right there with them, singing along with Stella, Evil, even All the Rage. At one point a guy yelled “Play every song you’ve ever written!”, which made the crowd laugh and Paul grin, but we really would have stood there all night had they wanted to do that.

“Sam was his amazing, solid self as always, getting so much power and variety out of his kit, never needing an auxiliary percussionist like some do. Daniel did all his dance moves and hand flourishing, really driving the hypnotic parts of the slow burn songs like Lights. Paul was a consummate frontman, often donning a good-natured smile, and just as solid as Sam in his playing. At one point, after Daniel encouraged us to clap along to the song, Paul shot him a grin and got a really sweet smile out of him. TOTBT was a transcendetal experience, and I felt like my heart would beat out of my chest during Not Even Jail. I sang with ecstasy “got to be some more change in my life” and we all shouted “Stella!” gleefully. I was reminded of how gloriously beautiful the lyrics of TYOAC are. I haven’t been lifted out of myself like that in far too long a time. Thank, Interpol, for a night I’ll never forget.”

And thanks to Christie for joining me at the event! 

Thoughts forthcoming on El Pintor and how it relates to their previous albums!


~ by megwilhoite on September 6, 2014.

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