Rest My Chemistry – drums

So, I have a special treat to share: Robbie Vehse transcribed the drums for “Rest My Chemistry”! (Click here to see his whole transcription.)

Chemistry drums

As many of you know, my transcriptions so far have not included the drums, partly because of my lack of time but mostly because I don’t *really* know how to do it, which has always caused me sadness because I absolutely adore Sam’s drum playing.

About four years ago, I posted a little chart that illustrated when I heard a pattern change in each of the instruments. Looking at Robbie’s transcription, I can see now that there are at least three drum patterns (as he pointed out to me in his Facebook message); the Pre-Verse and the Verse are definitely different patterns, with the Pre-Verse containing an extra snare drum hit on the second half of the fourth beat.

At some point I’d like to integrate Robbie’s transcription with my own (of the other instruments) and write a complete analysis (a gesamt-analysis [gesamtuntersuchung?], if you will).

Until soon!


~ by megwilhoite on March 6, 2016.

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